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Hey friends are I am today by provided all information to top 10 things to import and export from Pakistan this year every, country is involve to import and export for his country.s. No single country in world can produce the thing they will need or want every country, in the world have to rely on others country to meet their some special need.

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10: Football, Soccer Ball And Others Sports Item 
Football, Soccer Ball And Others Sports Item
Every county import many vehicles who he needs to other countries to need some special things meet. Like Pakistan is import and export his things like footballs well you amazed knew Pakistan manufactured 80% footballs and imports his other countries best players are practice with these balls. And there are many sports industries in Sialkot who make cricket bats and other parts of this game and import these things.

9: Oranges And Mangoes 

Oranges And Mangoes
Pakistan has also produced high quality fruits and like orange and mangoes and these, fruits are export other countries like the USA, UK and Europe. Pakistani orange are very sweet and big the country is 13th biggest mangoes producer and 11th orange produce in positions. Types of orange "Malta and keno's" these two fruits mostly produce and import by Punjab of Pakistan.

8: Textiles And Cotton 

Textiles And Cotton
For textile products are well known Pakistan in the world 2nd largest producer in the line up of cotton. The country, is not only produce this thing and also import him for other countries like jeans, garments, leather jackets, clothes also exported by Pakistan. Cotton produce in mostly Karachi and Punjab and cotton manufactured industries in Karachi and Faisal and top 10 things should world will import from Pakistan.

7: Pakistani Assembled Suzuki's

Pakistani Assembled Suzuki's
Suzuki is a joint venture company of Pakistan and Japanese Suzuki assembled and manufactured many types of Cars and Motor cycle and include loaders, wagons, jeeps. After assembled these Motors exported by Pakistan like Afghanistan, Lanka and mostly Nepal. Loaders are very powerfully in these vehicles and this, prices are minimum those others.

6: Defense Equipment

Defense Equipment
Pakistan is a No.1 atomic power in world all known Pakistan have best defense system against all world. Pakistan heavy industries are manufactured many defense items like tanks, guns, fighter jets, missiles and other defense tools. Pakistan all these things are yourself manufactures not bought others countries are import over things for other countries.. 

5: Cutlery 

One of the most world biggest cutlery producer of Pakistan and Hyderabad is cutlery industrial area of Pakistan who made knife, snoops, fork, plates and other parts should be used for eating. Pakistan export these things for many countries. Europe are import expensive and imported silver and steel knives things mostly and other countries.

4: Carpets And Rugs 

Carpets And Rugs
In since centuries Pakistan manufactures handmade carpets the first time in Punjab now Pakistan made all types of carpets with machines and export in all this world who like this and bought him. These carpets are very expensive and beautiful. This time Kashmir is manufacture handmade and machinery are made in Lahore.

3: Fans, Air Conditioners And Washing Machines    

Fans, Air Conditioners And Washing Machines
Pakistan manufactures all types of washing machine, fans, iron, and air conditioners in industries of Punjab city. These things are made with many types like roof, steel, plastic these are very expensive and long time using product. Pakistan are export these for other countries and import whose things they are needs.

2: Food Items 

Food Items
Pakistan are export food items like meat, powdered milk, wheat, rice  to export other countries and import those things who country how he meets and need food items like chicken products mean how using fast food. Those things are Pakistan exports foreign people are like him because they are very good and tasty for eating.

1: Raw Materials 
Raw Materials
Export to raw material Pakistan also export too many of the raw material industries Pakistan exported by sugar, salt, chalk, silica, iron, gypsum, uranium, and marble. These material exported to for other countries and Pakistan import those things who need him for other raw industries. Mostly these things industries are in Baluchistan.

Monday, 28 August 2017

In these I will get you organized all information for top 10 Beautiful countries in world and other you knew for this Asian countries would you like. These are have elegant and gorgeous, sights I think you will, also liked him Asia is the world's largest continent covering approximately 30%, of a land area this continent is full geographic blessing. There are so many countries in Asia that is really a hard task to choose the most gorgeous and famous country. I have tried my best to make that list.

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10: Japan 

The Japan is one of the most Amazing, Fabulous, beautiful, elegant country and the land of tea this country is under mountain. When you go on Fuji you view awesome moment and feel relaxing and will get great views when you are flying in Rita Airport. The land best visit time is spring holidays in these days awesome whether you are getting travel visit this country this land for best to tourism. Japan will also include in top 10 beautiful faces.

9: India India The country is the most beautiful in South Asia all these, sight and oldest buildings contribute to awesome India. Many countries has populated in Asia and these people's will poor, but India is a richest country for his sights. They are most visiting land and tourist are come here and like this sights he will be the best tourism areas. India have the most powerful and strong democracy.

8: South Korea 

South Korea
The country is along with China, Taiwan and Singapore South Korea is high teach industrial and develop country. The one of the most awesome, Beautiful, sights and tourist come here and tour his amazing sight and areas and also like him. The Korea is around the beautiful mountains who show unbelievable views people see this and enjoy. She includes in top 10 most beautiful country in Asian.

7: Singapore 

Singapore is the most gorgeous, sights in this country they have 20 plus areas who approve his beauties like Garden of the bay is a surreal in the heart of Singapore they are surrounded by nature you also see this sight in Avatar movie. And many places how like Henderson bridge its connecting mount park to hill park bridge a nine km trails in a lush lighting. 

6: China 

China is the most beautiful and visiting country where is a biggest and snake wall over the tops mountains around Beijing city this wall is designed colorfully and his longest are 1600 km tourist are visit him and enjoy this sight. China people are so beautiful they are friendly the country is biggest industrial and developing. You will get a visit to and also boating in Li river you can should be like and enjoy him. She includes in top 10 lists of Asian countries.

5: Thailand 

Thailand is the most wonderful country for, some reasons they have beautiful, sights and areas tourist going here and visit these, sight how sea beach and many other. Mostly people come with his extend plains for living here and don't leave him ever find to reasons. The country bests for tourism and travelers are going mostly island, and sea crystal water.

4: Taiwan 

Taiwan is the most popular and outstanding country for some good reasons the Chinese is neighbor included and the Philippines in to south. The country is overview of the most elegant in East Asia is around the biggest mountains and don't forget him these, sights of travel. Seriously Taiwan island very wonderful you will not see this of course you can't seining nothing.

 3: Russia

The Russia is the biggest country in world and they have largest military force how you are the country in very beautiful and wonderful areas they have for the tourism. Is a vast country many, sights are shows his beauty when beautiful harsh land, high mountains who show amazing views and elegant areas. These reasons will get him to give positions in no.3 and do not forget to visit that ,sights.

2: Hong Kong 
Hong Kong
This is the Asian country is near with China how you know for Disneyland is a located in Hong Kong the city of Penny many famous, sights and one of the two big parks in this country likes International Theme, park. Disneyland is opened for visitors in 2005 and China designed this park and the building for resort. Millions Tourist are visit this, sights in every year and I think you are going this wonderfully areas and Disney park.

1: Philippines 

One of the most wonderful, outstanding, and beautiful beaches in Philippine country is made up on island is a good time to visiting this, sights when sun set when filled with gorgeous Colors. If you go this, sights come across the Hills of chocolates and check out the hill sides with amazing colors side. You will be going on and visit here for seeing these elegant, sights. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Dear lovers of this site I will provide with you my all information and knowledge against whom come in top 10 Oscar awards winning movies. These movies begin are adorable, romantic, fitting, true loves and fantastic in this world. I think you should be like this or love him very much.

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10: Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Crouching tiger is an international Chinese film this released in 2001 on cinema its production for funding comes to China, United States and Hong Kong. He has made budget 18$ million US dollars are grossing highest money in American history. The has nominated in 12 academic awards because he was a fighting film. This movie takes place number 10 in Oscar awarded movies. 

9: Titanic 
Titanic is co production its writer has the James Cameron is a US disaster and romantic film of 1997 on release he achieved success and it's grossing highest money 1.98$ billion US dollars. He had nominated 15 academic awards in 1998 he made on romance and disaster when a girl concentrate on love story and boy focus on the action in gloss right over. Cameron wroth is no.1 in Oscar awards producer and best director awards give up.

8: Avatar 
 He was released in 2009 Avatar mean is decent he created on Hinduism maybe he was a science fiction movie. He has a highest grossing film for his time in world on his income is 2.15$ billion US dollars. He was nominated in 15 academic awards in 2010 and win Oscar award for some category in this film reality and information of Hinduism. In this movie is completely fighting and romance and fully interesting.

 7: Saving Private Ryan 
Saving Private Ryan
Saving private is an epics drama movie he set on world war two he made in 1998 in United State. He famous on the box office as well as this film grossing US 481.9$ million American dollars it is making highest grossing money in worldwide. The film has nominated in 16 less than academic and including superb director awards for his performance.

6: Finding Nemo 
Finding Nemo
This 3D computer animated film this movie fully adventure, friendship and funniest and interesting. It is one of the most successful and amazing animation movie he could make the studio of Disney. This film writer is Andrew Stanton he released is 2003 in America this film was nominated in 15 academic awards and win by best awards for Animated features. 

 5: Jaws
Jaws released 1997 in United State this film writer and director are Steven Berg in this story a great white shark attack on island and eat many people's a local police man hunt him with the help shark hunter of professional. The film is nominated for best academic awards and win by other best Oscar awards. This film grossing highest 412.6$ million dollars in the box office and they will also include in top 10 awards winning movies.

 4: Slumdog Millionaire 
Slumdog Millionaire
Slumdog film is a British 2009 drama movie wrote by Simon and produced by Colson and set this film in India country. The film has win eight Oscar awards and include eight academic awards for a first time in Indian history. This film creates on loving failing in strong friendship modern of India the film is romantic, true love and heroism.

3: Life of Pi 
Life of Pi
Is a Canadian fully adventure and disaster film an Indian young man whose name is Richard Parker he survives in 227 days on boat in sea with tiger who fight with him for eating. The film nominated in 2013 for best academic awards and best director Oscar awards winning by nine out of 10. The film is the highest grossing in India and foreign countries he had 2.18$ American dollars and very famous on box office.

2:  Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump

The film is funniest drama seriously, entertaining, and comedy of all time in world this film directed by Robert and he released on 1995 in America. He very famous on box office and highest grossing in world the film has nominated 16 academic awards and winning by best directing Oscar awards. The film has made on appearance actually historic and cultural significant. Never forget this movie seeing in life I think you should like him and enjoy. 

 1: La La Land 
La La Land
 One of only LaLa Land is romantic, loving, musical and disaster movie and drama film for all time in world and began an Oscar winning film he has nominated in 20 academic awards and best producing. The film has released in 2016 in america he famous on box office he also highest grossing film. In this story being of a girl's who meet with boy in party and fall in love in Los Angeles and it being with reality. This movie will include in top 10 most famous Oscar movie.

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Hey buddies today I will provide with you the latest information of top ten sexiest villains in world. These men's is very sexy and beautiful villains & they also get role in movies a criminal part in movies so you see this and enjoy.

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10: Lucius MalfoyLucius Malfoy
Malfoy was always of the number one in top ten because he was a snake head and long hair style should be like this man fantasy and work hard villain in movies. And also Lusciously much more than complex character villain in all world. So, we can say this man is a genius and honest able person be a sexiest personality this guy.

9: Jarrett  ( Labyrinth )Jarrett ( Labyrinth )
His man role in movies a dangerous villain and criminal hero for the best part in all situations. He is including in romantic history in building of labyrinth. And otherwise he includes in top ten in position two we say this man very dangerous before his hair and look so cool. Its looking show and involve in top ten villains.

8: Klaus 
Seriously .this man a human blood bank and accent adorable eyes and lips. How a man shows his personality for you and he killed criminal in vampire movies. Now he realizes in vampire stunt in criminal X movie soled fax his looking show him as a dangerous in movies. How we can say its sexiest and adorable guy.

7: Cillian Murphy 

Cillian Murphy

Murphy has both criminal kidnapper he kidnaps women and getting sex rap with him. He always famous this attitude for rap scene in vampire and horror movies. Now we give him the credit as a sexiest and adorable guy a few months ago he shows him as a kidnapper in new movies. His fan likes him in this face how he gets kidnap a girl.

6: Thomas Barrow 

Thomas Barrow
Seriously this man has a beautiful brown eyes looking so cool and seeing fabulous always time and not horrible person. James very famous and adorable guy in horror movies otherwise he enjoys his role and he did not waste his time. He as, a hot villain work in movies show now his personality with girl. He involves in top ten therefore.

5: Alan Rickman Alan Rickman
Rickman has played as a real villain in 1987 of Die Hard when he was a young man, then he old little these days, but its personality is not be change. Seriously this man reality is known new generation these times should be he old, but his working type is not old these days. So, I can say a real and legend villain for every time. In during this time he was seeing hottest and sexiest villain.

4: Dexter
Dexter Unbelievable this man a blood bank he villain is a serial killer and only kills criminal in movies. His eyes show him as personality outstanding for villains you can forget this person for doing his work. Mostly young generation likes him, then he famous villain for his working style he will playing with criminal as a killer. So, we can say to him huge top 10 dangerous villains.

3: SephirothSephiroth
Seriously this villain gets best and long hair and these things show him personality. In series an alien mother born him he was little boy he should attack to criminal who killed innocent person. He men is not eligible, but his fittings are good maybe this birth born as a fighter. In movie one girl likes and love him for this hottest and gorgeous personality.

2: Loki


This man a vampire villain in series of movies he pulls of a helmet with giant his looking so cool and hottest many people like him for his personality because he gave performance outfit. These reasons are famous this guy and Loki have millions fan in world. Do not forget this man for seeing him because it's a prettiest villain in world for all time.

1: Spike
Spike Spike a good looking and cute villain it does not badly forever he has born hair show his personality these reasons give him a position 1. He works in movies as a vampire who killed beautiful girls in the night. He has billions fan who like him and meet him sometimes when he enjoys his life in a holidays. This man a real villain and reality show his face we can say this guy a hottest and sexiest villain for all time. She will also include in top 10 world famous villains.

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Hey guys, today I will provide with you the great information of military these was the top 10 most strongest militarizes countries in the world. These are very powerful military and very famous in the world, in these you will also check the top 10 best way to propose a girl, just click here on this link.

10: United States 
United States
Top 10 most strongest military forces in the world. United stated army is the largest branch of the United States armed forces and performs land based militarily operations.

United stated military strength in 2017
Power index: 0.0857
Defense budget: $587,800,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 1,373,650
Labor Force: 158,600,000
Total Aircraft: 13,762
total Naval Strength: 415

9: Russia 
The armed forces of Russia are the military forces of Russian federation established after the dissolution of the soviet union. 

Russia military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.0929
Defense Budget: $44,600,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 798,527
Labor Force: 77,410,000
Total Aircraft: 3,794
Total Naval Strength: 352

8: The United Kingdom 
The United Kingdom
The British armed forces know her majesty's armed forces&the armed forces off the crown are the military services which are tasked with a defense of the United Kingdom. They will also include in top 10 most powerful military in the world.

United kingdom military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.2131 
Defense Budget: $45,700,000,000
Active Military Personal: 151,175
Labor Force: 33,170,000
Total Aircraft: 856
Total Naval Strength: 76

7: France 
France is the abbreviation of French, French armed forces is the encompass the French army, the French navy, air force and national guard. They will include in top 10 national guard.

France military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.1914
Defense Budget: $35,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 204,000
Labor Force: 30,480,000
Total Aircraft: 1,305
Total Naval Strength: 118

6: Turkey
The turkey armed forces are the military forces off the turkey republic they consist of the army, navy and air force.

South korea  military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.2491
Defense Budget: $8,208,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 382,850
Labor Force: 30,240,000
Total Aircraft: 1,018
Total Naval Strength: 194

5: Germany 
The Grammy army is the land component of the armed forces the pendent day  Germany army was found in 1995 as part of the newly formed west Germany. 

Germany military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.2609
Defense Budget: $39,200,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 180,000
Labor Force: 45,300,000
Total Aircraft: 698
Total Naval Strength: 81

4: Japan
The Japan armed forces occasionally refereed to as JSF, JDF , or SDF, are the uniform military forces that, was established in 1954. This include in top 10 most powerful military weapons. 

Italy military strength in 2017 
Power Index: 0.2137
Defense Budget: $43,800,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 248,575
Labor Force: 65,930,000
Total Aircraft: 1,594
Total Naval Strength: 131

3: Egypt
The Egypt armed forces are the largest military in Africa and the Arab world and the 10 largest in the world consist of the Egypt army.  

Brazil military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.2676
Defense Budget: $4,400,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 454,1,250
Labor Force: 31,960,000
Total Aircraft: 1,132
Total Naval Strength: 319

2: China 
The China armed forces is the armed forces of Taiwan encompassing the army navy including the republic of China. This include in top 10 dangerous military. 

China military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0.0945
Defense Budget: $161,700,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 2,260,000
Labor Force: 805,900,000
Total Aircraft: 2,955
Total Naval Strength: 714

1: Pakistan 
Pakistan army we will also say to him pak fauj is the land based service branch of the Pakistan armed forces it came to existence after the independence of Pakistan in 1947. This include in world's most powerful military.

Pakistan military strength in 2017
Power Index: 0,0968
Defense Budget: $7,000,000,000
Active Military Personnel: 637,000
Labor Force: 65,100,000
Total Aircraft: 951
Total Naval Strength: 197

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